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Thanks for stopping by and getting to know more about me and what I have to offer. If you have any questions or any ideas, please feel free to contact me. 

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My Story

Both my parents were very artistic. I always knew I would end up doing something creative. Turns out, I do a variety of creative things.


I started photography using a digital camera in 2001. You couldn't find me without my camera at the ready. I wanted to capture every moment in life. With that fervor, I gained experience, branched out, and started photographing family members for their Holiday cards, or friends for their business headshots. And then one day, a friend asked if they could give THEIR friend my number regarding engagement photos. The momentum picked up and I became a second shooter doing weddings, for a local St. Louis photography company, quickly making my way up the ranks to one of their top photographers. Due to personal time constraints I had to leave that position, but I never lost my love for photography. Eventually I was able to branch out on my own and take clients according to my time schedule.


I love the challenge of capturing special moments on camera or capturing a bit of my clients’ personalities when they aren’t looking. I love the feeling of satisfaction when a client tells me that they can't believe I got a "good shot" of them, as they look through the view screen of my camera. They in for a real treat once they see the edited picture, which brings me to my next creative passion.


While learning photography, I had a wonderful mentor who taught me to use the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software.  


Many times, I've put clients at ease (especially at weddings) when they find out that I can add/change a picture to make it even better; things such as adding a tooth to grandma's smile because she fell a week ago and lost one from her dentures. Or smoothing out that teenage acne from the Senior photo session. If a bride feels self-conscious because of a bump or roll that her dress might have made to her figure, it will be smoothed out in her final photo edits. The infant baby won't stop fussing and we only got two photos of him not crying through the entire new baby photo session? No worries, I can work with that and you will end up with multiple photos with a happy baby throughout. My job is to create a realistic image that makes you confident and comfortable and happy, and I have the ability to do this for my clients.


Now, being the creative person that I am, traditional edits to photo sessions were "fine", but never satiated (satisfied) me fully. I started to get creative, expand into themed photo sessions with models, go beyond the realm of traditional editing and create- art pieces that really mystified and satisfied my artistic side. You can see some of these images now in my various galleries. I'm always up for a themed challenge because it gives me a reason to stretch my artistic skills.


I also utilize my creative skills for graphic design and brand identity. I love sitting down with clients and coming up with ideas for their business name/tone/vibe. After all, it's the identity the business will be known for and it will be the ambassador for their brand or business. I can create anything from logos to business cards, ads, folders and custom bag designs. I can create PowerPoint presentations, simple web designs, Social Media banners, custom save the date wedding / engagement cards and birthday invitations, banners, and other things according to specific needs. I sit down with my clients and have an initial meeting so I can understand how the clients want their business/service portrayed.


Beyond photography and graphic design, I am a wife, and a mother to a teenage son about to go off to college (eeesh, time flies). I love road trips, cooking, crafting (I love making wreaths, faux stained-glass pieces, or hand painted custom ornaments) painting, sculpting, baking, and reading.  I am very outgoing so I am able to put people at ease and capture their true smiles and personalities on camera.


Here's what my clients have to say about me and the services/end products that I provide


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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