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I love weddings. I have been photographing weddings since 2005. I have worked as a second shooter and worked my way up. I have photographed small, intimate weddings, destination weddings, all the way to grand extravaganzas. They all have one thing in common, two people who want to commit the rest of their lives to one another. It is a beautiful occasion, a serious matter, and one to be remembered. That's where I come in.


I take the traditional shots, of course, but I pride myself in capturing the candid moments when no one thinks I'm looking at them. Moments such as the groom when he sees the bride for the first time, a glimpse of the mother of the bride as she watches her daughter during the first dance, watching the flower girl look at the wedding gown in awe. I also like to take fun photos and shots that might not be thought of at the time. I like to be engaging and lighthearted for my clients on their day because let's face it, they are under enough stress.


You can ask any of my clients about the kind of personality you will get when you hire me for your day. Think photographer meets the lead character from the movie 27 dresses. I've helped triage a wedding gown at the 11th hour, assisted sewing a bridesmaid into her dress because she hadn't put it on since her last fitting. I have played wedding organizer along with the DJ to help the wedding and reception move smoothly upon the absence of a wedding planner. I've walked barefoot down Washington Street in February, in St. Louis, all because the bride's heels were killing her as she trudged along in her heavy wedding dress, so I gave the bride my shoes. THAT'S the type of photographer you get when you hire me.  

Check out my pricing list here for ideas of what packages run. MOST packages are customizable but the prices will vary.

All packages require a non-refundable* deposit and a signed contract. All updates and requests will require addendums to said contract.

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